Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More from the Prairies

"After the Storm" - acrylic gouache on panel, 12 x 16

As part of my growing fascination with prairies, I traveled to Oregon, Illinois, last month to visit Nachusa Grasslands, an example of tallgrass prairie, a 2800 acre plant community of really big (some are 10 ft. tall!) grasses and wildflowers dating back to the Ice Age. In the mid-1890's most of America's prairies were turned into farms, bringing this unique ecosystem almost to extinction. Organizations like the Nature Conservancy are restoring many grassland remnants, and this is one of the best examples in the Midwest.

I thought it might be helpful to students who take my classes and to people who collect my work to see how I go about making a painting, so, for this painting, I photographed steps in my painting process. See them in the post below.


claudia hafner said...

I like the name! And the painting looks great.

Anonymous said...

You always take my breath away, lady! I LOVE "After the Rain" -- and yes, great title, as well as the progressive process you posted. Very helpful and interesting. Keep up great work.

Anonymous said...

Geologically, the prairies were once oceans. In the painting it looks like the ocean is trying to peek through.

Call it: After the Ice Age.

--Christine Bird